June 17, 2002

Jason X (2001)

"Jason Voorhees returns with a new look, a new machete, and his same murderous attitude as he is awakened on a spaceship in the 25th century."

After watching low-budget films, "Jason X" seemed like a masterpiece! It may only be the same old slasher story again but it's all done really well.

Although the acting was a bit below par and characterisation was lacking, I did enjoy the CGI effects in this one. What? I enjoyed CGI? Well, in a science-fiction film like this I found that it actually worked. The nanobots and the holodeck scenes were really good though the latter screamed "Star Trek ripoff!"

Talking of ripoffs, the whole plot was really just lifted from the "Alien" series, but I was enjoying it so I just let that one pass for the most part.

There were a couple of jokes which lightened the mood considerably, and it all looked suitably futuristic. The kick-ass android girl, Kay-Em, was a really nice addition. I'd like to see more of her!

Anyway, it's a 4 out of 10.

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