June 26, 2008

The Invasion (2007)

I lost my original review of this (which was AWESOME!) and so had to watch it again. I'm glad I did too as this wasn't a bad movie at all really. Yes, it's a PG-13 remake of a remake but I'd rather think of it as a more action packed update.

People turning into plants (which I always found a bit bizarre) is hinted at later in the film but the story has changed somewhat to make the transformations more akin to a virus.

Everything is filmed well and there is a good fast pace even though it's quite long at 99 minutes. I probably could have lived without the moral pontification of three specific scenes but Nicole Kidman looks incredibly beautiful in it. You'd never guess that she was 87 in real life. Her acting performance is pretty damn good as usual too. I even liked Daniel Craig in this though I loathed him as James Bond. He's growing on me as an actor.

The whole thing was quite refreshing. I think I hated it the first time and fell asleep more times than Nicole Kidman tried to but, compared to the rubbish that has come out since, this was one of the better science fiction films of 2007. I do actually recommend that you see this.

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