March 30, 2007

The Hills Have Eyes 2 (2007)

All I really want to say is that the gore was "Lush!" I can't really think of any other reason to watch this but, then again, if you aren't into gore then this isn't the kind of film for you in the first place. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Of course, it's a sequel to a remake and the title makes things as confusing as hell. The original "Hills Have Eyes 2" was completely crap though so perhaps it's better to think of this as the replacement.

Anyway, I loved the gore, wasn't interested in the acting or characterisation, and found the soldiery stuff to be totally unconvincing. Having said that, the action scenes were great, the jump scares worked and, yet again, although it's not scary to anybody over the age of 13, it was quite a decent try at getting the "Hills" franchise back on track.

I have no idea why they filmed it in Morocco using equipment from London or why KNB only admit to doing the make-up effects rather than all the practical effects. It all looks like KNB work anyway... and it's lush!

This was much better than the first remake and I'm now quite looking forward to "The Hills Have Eyes III".

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