August 6, 2009

The Greenskeeper (2002)

"When someone starts using the business end of a pair of hedgeclippers on the more snobbish patrons of a posh country club, rumors fly the slice-n'-dice handiwork is the signiture of The Greenskeeper, a serial killer long thought dead from an explosion years ago. Allen, whose mother owns the country club, begins having nightmare visions where he is haunted by The Greenskeeper. Allen begins to suspect he may have a connection to The Greenskeeper he never dared imagine. Meanwhile, the beautiful jetsetters of the club decide to sneak in after hours for some skinny-dipping, partying, and sex-on-the-green. Unfortunately for the teens, The Greenskeeper decides to crash the party, and armed with golf equipment and landscaping tools, begins picking off Izods one by one. Joining forces with his new love interest Elena, Allen races to the club to try to save his friends. He and Elena must play a deadly game of cat and mouse to survive, because when you have a tee time with The Greenskeeper, it's par for the corpse!"

If you've ever wondered what "Caddyshack" would be like if it was remade as a horror movie then this is the film for you.

Also known as "The Country Club Killer", even though it is more like a comedy version of "The Burning", it does things well enough to be considered a decent horror movie in its own right. It's reasonably gory, and, although you'll wait a long time to see anything good happen, the murders are mostly quite inventive. One of the deaths even involved an anal impalement... which is always good for a laugh.

It also has some very good looking women in it, including Playboy's Christi Taylor and Melissa Ponzio from "Dawson's Creek" (not that I ever watched it of course!), and even enough nudity to pacify me for a little while. And since you'll never work out who the killer is in a million years, it'll keep you amused right up to the end.

I'll rate it as 4 out of 10. The acting wasn't always brilliant and some of the humour was a bit strained but it was still more than adequate especially when the whole thing was made for less than £80,000. The overly silly ending was really the only thing which stopped this film from entering the Video Vault.

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