June 12, 2007

The Brink (2006)

"Four college students make a machine which allows them to speak to the dead. They try it out in an abandoned house and bad things start to happen."

Why can't anyone make a scary ghostie film anymore? This was a bit of a ripoff of "White Noise" but wasn't anywhere near as good.

The acting was ok and it was filmed well but the pacing was all over the place and more time was spent on the students unloading things from their car than on the actual ghosts.

It wasn't at all scary but tried to have a "Ringu" style ghost near the end to make up for it. It didn't.

I was bored with it after the initial coffee shop scene where the girl stormed off saying she didn't want to be involved in the experiment, went outside the door, changed her mind in exactly one second, and came back again. She should have kept to her original decision and I should have switched it off there too.

Another 1 out of 10. Nice idea but very poorly done.

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